Terms and Conditions

Bedrock Bioscience makes no claims, promises or guarantees of the compliance of their marketing, protocols, or materials provided. It is up to each client to ensure that they are within compliance per their state rules and regulations. It is solely the responsibility of the clients to ensure they are compliant within their individual state. Bedrock Bioscience and its employees, affiliates, vendors, inc.’s advice or recommendations is not legal advice and attorneys should always be consulted prior to new implementation of such Bedrock Bioscience products or services. Due to the medical nature of our products we do not accept returns for refunds, however we do have a great warranty including replacements for many of our products.


Light Products

1 year warranty from purchase date. The purchaser will receive a part replacement (cords,etc), full replacement or refurbishment. This is limited to manufacturing defects within one year. This does NOT include replacement for misuse (standing on units, folding, wrapping cord around the unit, etc).


Replacement only for broken seal bottles within 3 days of delivery with no supplements used. No refunds are given for “over orders” or bottles that have been shipped from our teams.

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